How to Geocache Without A GPS

DH geocached without a GPS for the first time the other day.  Not on purpose, mind you...

New geocache popped up late in the evening just as DH was driving home.  I saw it and printed off the page, entered the coordinates into the GPS, called him to let him know and I left everything on the counter for him so when he got home, he could run back out.

DH gets home, does a few things, then leaves.  About 10 min later I get a call from him.  I'm thinking, "He found it ALREADY?"   But no.  It's DH calling to tell me HE FORGOT THE GPS.


Well, being the good support crew that I am, I tell him to hold on while I look at the Google Geocaching map.  I bring it up and switch to satellite view.  Turns out we were in luck.  The geocache was in a park and ride and I could zoom in very close on the satellite map and I could at least tell him about where to look.  So he gets to the park and ride, and I'm like, "Ok, count over 9 parking spaces, and head into the woods pretty much starting from between parking spots 9 and 10."  Believe it or not, after a few minutes of searching, he found it!  And got the FTF!!

I would not normally recommend this method of geocaching, but as you can see, it CAN be done!  :-)


Chris said...

That's funny! If we've don't have a GPSr with us, we're lost. Pun intended!

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