Funny Travel Bug we Picked up in Lake George

We were up in the Lake George area for the weekend and picked up this very unique travel bug!


Chris said...

How funny is that!

Mrs. Mecomber said...

Geocaching sounds like SUCH fun! I kind of do the same thing when I gut my house's walls-- we sometimes discover weird things between the studs, and I always try to leave a little time capsule before I close up the wall.

Your have incredible fingernails. HOW on EARTH do you maintain them?! Mine are short cuz I garden and play guitar. And I don't now how you talented gals type with such large nails! You're amazing!

Carole said...

Mrs. Mecomber: In those capsules you leave behind you should be documenting what you fixed so the people that come after you can give you the credit! :-) Thanks for the compliment on the fingernails - they're acrylic. There's no way I'd ever be able to have "real" nails like that. I'm embarrassed to admit at times I have "Posh Mama" tendencies! :-O

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