You Probably Drive By Geocaches Every Day

Have you ever driven by something like this?  Would you even think there would be a geocache there?  Well if you said, "sure, why not!" then you are right!

On the back of this town plow is hidden a hide-a-key geocache, can you guess where it might be?

Do you have any idea how many geocaches you probably drive by in a day?  They're not all hidden on mountain tops.  Did you know you could be parking right in front of one next time you stop at a rest stop?  Did you know there's quite possibly one on the porch of your local Cracker Barrel restaurant?  Who knows, maybe there's one on YOUR town plow! 

If you haven't already tried this, go to and put in your zip code and see all the geocaches you're driving by all the time.  Or better yet, if you happen to have a gps and can take the coordinates of your own home, you can see how many geocaches are closest to your own house.  For example, there are fourteen geocaches within 5 miles of my own house!  You might be surprised and inspired to try to find some of them! :-)  Can anyone beat 14 geocaches within 5 miles?

See you in the log books!

A Fun Froggy Multi Geocache

Here was a fun "multi" (a geocache that requires that you find one or more "stages" before getting to the actual geocache with log book) we came across on our way home from our vacation in Chincoteague, VA.  Notice that frog, trying to look ever so nonchalant...

Ah, but you had good cause to look suspiciously at him, look at what he reveals!
I blurred them out a bit, but when you pulled Mr. Frog's tongue, that white strip came out and contained the coordinates to what turned out to the the "final" (last stage of a "multi" geocache which will contain the log book).  On the geocache page we had printed from I happened to notice it said something like, "An easy geocache anyone can find".  After seeing this very clever first stage - which I thought was definitely NOT necessarily easy - especially if it doesn't occur to you to look for coordinates on a frog's tongue (the only reason we did is that after finding over 900 geocaches, we know to look at pretty much anything and everything by now - I even found a geocache once in a container that looked like doggie doo!), I was pretty dubious that this "final" was going to be as easy as the owner said on the geocache page.
Well, I gotta give credit where credit is due.  Yes, I would say just about anyone could find this one...
There it was, hidden under the low branches of a big pine tree, just laying there - no cover, no nothing.  It was "so easy even a caveman could do it." :-P  An easy "smiley" to add to our ever rising total.
See you in the log books...

This is What You Serve for Dessert at a Geocaching Event

It's the logo in case you didn't know! How cool is that??
It tasted good too.  It was chocolate inside! :-)
The picture was taken at the "Event Cache" we went to today:
See you in the log books! :-)