Contents of a Typical Geocache

Some time ago a bunch of geocaches along or near the Appalachian Trail were archived.  One of them was ours, and DH went out a couple of weeks ago and retrieved it.  It was fun to open it up and see what was in there, as well as read the comments in the log book.  I would say these are fairly typical contents of a geocache of this size (ammo can).  In fact, I think the "swag" that was in it was pretty good.  Some geocaches are just full of junk.  We try to visit our own now and then and "freshen" them if they need it.  (That's what happens if people don't trade equally or up.)   
DH and I agreed that the best item that was in here, which is hard to see because of the glare of the light, is the "I Fart in Your General Direction" button from the Monty Python Broadway show "Spamalot".  :-D


Rebecca said...

I really like those crayons... I'm nuts about writing implements! I have about 6 boxes of crayons, 2 boxes of markers, colored pencils and a bastion of colored pens in my desk, and I need MORE! lol.

Nice loot!

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