Broke our "Personal Best" Record

We did some geocaching over the Columbus Day weekend.  Ok, a lot!  We had our personal "best day" with 21 finds.  There's a running joke with geocachers - they say, "It's not about the numbers".  Meaning, it's not about how many geocaches you find, it's supposed to be about the fun and the adventure of it.  But, everybody knows that, at least once in awhile, it IS about the numbers!  :-)  And this was such a day.  The day started out with an FTF attempt (first to find) of a newly published geocache, but alas, we were STF instead (second to find).  But that was ok, because since we were going to be doing a "numbers run", it would still add to our daily total.

If you're going to do a "numbers run", the best thing to do is find easy, quick "cache and dash" geocaches.  While we did do a bunch like this, we also did do some that involved some hiking.  One was hidden near the ruins of an old estate, which was really cool.


Another geocache took us to a hydro-electric plant that was built on an historic waterfall that had not only lovely grounds to walk on (open to the public), but there were some really awesome geological formations easily seen in the rock outcrops as well.  (I'm sorry I didn't take a picture of it.)

There was a geocache here, too - pretty fun, huh?

Probably the two most notable points in the day (besides when we broke our old "caches found in a day" record) were when I found the first stage of a multi - notable because the cache container was designed to look like dog poo!  Very clever geocache container!  The second notable point was at the end of the day it had gotten dark, and we were geocaching in a city.  (The places we were geocaching were public places that were open 24/7, just so you know we weren't doing anything crazy or illegal.)  At a small park where there was a geocache, DH found a man's wallet!  No cash in it, but the license and credit cards were all there, so he called the police who came and got it.  The police even knew what geocaching was, so we didn't have to explain what we were doing, which was nice!

So all in all, a very fun day.

A few weeks back most of the geocaches that were on or near the Appalachian Trail were archived and one of them was ours.  DH went out and retrieved it and it was fun to look through the contents.  In my next post I have a photo of the contents, if you are curious what one might find in a typical geocache.  Stay tuned.


ktales said...

It often makes you wonder what happened to the area to let it fall apart as it did. cool pics.


Chris said...

Yes, great pics! You've got my husband and me beat. Our record is 17. Cache on!

Elizabeth said...

That first picture is so stunning! That looks like a blast!

MyGeocacheNation said...

i bet its creepy there at night :)

Sandra said...

I have GOT to know where that car is! It looks JUST like a car that a friend of mine and I found as teenagers (well before geocaching existed).

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