Bison Tube Geocache

Here's an example of a somewhat common geocache container - it's called a bison tube.  This sort of geocache is usually hidden by hanging it off something (note the "key ring" loop at the top).  We have occasionally found these hidden hung from branches near the trunk of small pine trees or bushes (though they can certainly be hidden other ways as well).  They blend in really well and can be quite a tough find!  In this picture, the bison tube is (obviously) open (to close it you would screw the two pieces together) and you can see how small the log is - it's all rolled up so it can fit inside.  This is an example of a geocache where you have to bring your own pen or pencil to sign the log.

This is a different geocache, and the container in this photo is not exactly a bison tube (it was a somewhat unique container), but this photo shows how a geocache might be hidden "inside" a tree on a branch, or I think this one may have been hanging from a small hook:
(Sorry for the crummy flash pic - we literally found this one in the very last moments of daylight.  To grab this geocache you literally had to go under the branches and sort of into the middle of the tree to get it, though it doesn't really show it that well in this photo.  You can imagine in a forest how tough something like this might be to find.  It was truly nothing short of a miracle that we found this one practically in the dark as well!  Our geocaching "luck" was with us that day!)


Bill N Pegz said...

I think the Bison is probably my second LEAST favorite cache type next to the nanos. I get so frustrated looking for these things!

Anonymous said...

Ha, I'm on a mission to find a bison tube in a LAKE. On an ISLAND. D: I think I'll canoe out to the island..

Wish me luck (ha.)

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