A Fun Geocaching Travel Bug

Here's a fun travel bug that I got for DH for Christmas.  This is no ordinary travel bug - this one comes with a blank spot to write your own name, and there are magnets on the back so you can wear this travel bug on your shirt to geocaching events so YOU can be discovered!  Now, if only we had an event to go to... :-D
(Oh btw, if you'd like to pick one of these up, I got this one at the Geocoin Store - I've ordered from them before and I have always been happy with them - here's a link to the above travel bug - Red Name Tag Geocoin.)


Bill said...

Cool coin...Thanks for the link.

I am afraid I am starting to get the geocoin bug. I've got quite a few in circulation and some that once I got them was afraid to put them into cirulation for fear that they would be added to someone's collection.

Looked at producing a run of my own but haven't got the courage up to spend the $1000+ to get it done.

Carole said...

You know DH is afraid to put a lot of his into circulation too, for that same reason...I wish they wouldn't be so prone to disappearing, it ruins the fun of the geocoins. And yeah, the alternative is to produce a run of your own so you can suffer some losses, but yeah - expensive!!

Anonymous said...

What a fun TB idea! Thanks for the follow on Twitter! Your blog is on my blogroll now...

Krissy said...

I have a question...how is it a travel bug if you keep it?

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