Holiday Use for Your GPS

If you like to go chop down your Christmas tree each year like we do, you probably know how difficult in a field of Christmas trees it can be to find just the right tree.  Especially if you go as a family, one person might find one good tree over here that he/she wants everyone to look at, and someone else might find a tree over there for everyone to consider...but then how in the world will you find that first tree again, after you go look at the second tree and you decide you want the first tree after all?  I mean, after 5 minutes at the Christmas tree farm, all the trees start to look the same.
In years past we've tried a few different methods - we've used the "find-a-stick-and-stick-it-in-the-top-of-the-tree" to mark it way, we've also used the "you-stand-here-and-wait-while-I-go-look-at-the-other-tree" method as well.  But THIS year, I think you can guess from the photo what we did!
DH had the brilliant idea to waymark the trees we liked using his GPS.  (Waymarking is basically just using the GPS to "mark" and save the coordinates of a location.)  I believe in this photo he is marking "Tree 2".  We eventually ended up getting "Tree 1".  (In case you're wondering, we only ended up waymarking two trees - don't be thinking I dragged DH all over the farm making him waymark every other tree - I didn't!)
Easy peasy lemon squeezy!
(If you're interested in reading more about getting our tree at the Christmas Tree Farm, I blogged about it in way more detail with more pics at my other blog: Carole's Thoughtful Spot.)


Krissy said...

He is indeed marking tree two, at 1:05 pm, with a great reflection of your beautifully manicured finger taking the picture. :)

Krissy said...

whoops, it's actually 1:02:05 :)

Anonymous said...

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Kevin said...

Let's see, if you BOUGHT Tree 1 and NOT Tree 2 - conceivably, I can go buy Tree 2 since you've so graciously provided the coordinates for it! Now I can go to the tree farm, cut this one down, and be on my way in like 5 minutes. Since this must be the best tree there that is left, there's certainly no reason for ME to go looking around in the cold. Thanks for doing all the leg work! :-)

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