Second Time's the Charm!

Can you blame DH for DNF-ing this the first time?  The geocache owner did a great job with this geocache - see how he hollowed out a hole in this log and fit the geocache in it?  (That's the inside of the lid laying next to it in the leaves with the green "Official Geocache" sticker in it.)  When "hidden" this log would be turned over, so it would look like any one of the other, oh, HUNDRED other sticks and logs that were around.  We were relieved and happy when DH discovered it, this was a tough one, but fun!


Krissy said...

Holy cow!!!! In the summer, I'd be afraid to turn over a bunch of logs for fear of what critters might be under there...timber rattlers, brown recluse spiders, black widows...sheesh...that reminds me of an Easter Egg my brother hid once (well, no, it didn't involve snakes and spiders), but when he was of age, he decided he wanted to hide the eggs for my sister and me. I don't think we ever found this egg, but I'd have to consult with my sibs to be sure. He cut the bottom off a Coke can that was sitting on a table, and placed the can over the egg so it was hidden inside.

Chris said...

What a clever hide! After we find one like that I wonder how we ever detected it.

Carole said...

Krissy - we've turned over hundreds and hundreds of logs, rocks, leaves and who knows what in our geocaching hunts and we've never come across a timber rattler, brown recluse spider or black a widow. Usually pill bugs, worms and ants. Guess we're just lucky. :-)

Chris - I know, there have TOTALLY been times where I've thought to myself, "How did I ever even think to look there??" :-D

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