Geocaching in NJ

We were geocaching in NJ recently, and I have to tell you, we have had many occasions to visit NJ, and our impression was that NJ is mostly highways and houses on small pieces of property (and, ahem, if you REALLY want to, you can read about a really awful stop we had on the Garden State Parkway on my other blog here).  However, on this geocaching trip, we saw some really beautiful parts of NJ we didn't know existed.  We also found some very clever geocaches!
Would you have thought to look for a geocache in a nut and bolt?
How about in a log?
Do you see the geocache in this picture below?
We thought that was tree-mendously clever (har har) - can you see the little black pill-shaped nano stuck right on to the tree?  Those type of nanos are magnetic - so I would normally be looking for it to be hidden on something metal - in this case it IS on something metal - a screw, screwed into the tree to stick the nano on - that gets my "clever geocache" of the day award!
All in all, a really fun day geocaching in NJ - saw some really cool geocaches (and storing these ideas away for future use maybe in NY bwa ha ha ha!), and some really lovely parts of NJ.  New Jersey, I have a whole new appreciation for you!




tonka_boy said...

Great photos! I like that cache in the log, but those other ones are just plain evil. I'll leave those to someone with more patience.

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

Good blog! I haven't gotten into geocaching, but know many people who have.

Honeycombmama said...

Oh my! I hope the hints were very helpful on those;) Great pictures! Thanks for sharing

Krissy said...

How did you EVER think to pull a log open???

Carole said...

Tonka Boy - Thanks! Yeah, some of those caches ARE evil, but we kind of like those! :-P

Shakbytes - Thanks for the compliment. Yeah, the sport of geocaching does seem to be constantly growing in popularity. Well if you're not into geocaching yourself, you are welcome to visit here and do it vicariously through us! :-D

Honeycombmama - Yes, sometimes when it's something really tricky the geocache owner will give a good hint...but not always. I must admit, we've been stumped a time or two (at least) ourselves!

Krissy - When you've been geocaching for awhile you start developing "geosense" that helps you notice things that are slightly out of place, or helps you think to yourself, "If I was hiding a cache here, where would *I* hide it?", plus as Honeycombmama said, sometimes there's a good hint. That log one with the drawer was really cool though!

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