Geo Jamboree 7

 Picture from CT-A-Team's Geocaching Page
Well, with all the snow and frigid temps we've been having here in upstate NY we haven't been out geocaching as much as we'd like lately.  However, this morning I was consoling myself with thoughts of GEO JAMBOREE 7.  I know I've talked about "Event Caches" before, but this is one of THE major events in the northeast.  It's going to be June 13-14 at Kettletown State Park in CT.  A bunch of geocachers are going to be camping together and there are going to be tons of things going on BESIDES all the new geocaches that are going to be planted just for this special event.  Food - games - bonfire - night caching - swimming - boating - huge Sunday morning breakfast - a band - nametag and sign contests and even a "Leave No Trace" seminar! 
You can check out all the details on the cache page at here ---> GC1K21P.  You will need to be logged in to view the page - if you've not signed up for the website, why not? It's totally free and after you check out the Geo Jamboree page you can go to the home page and plug in your zip code and see all the geocaches near your home you never knew about!
(If you'd like to read more about an "Event Cache" and one we went to this summer, you can read about it here ---> Tri State Treasures Two.)


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