Gotta Love Geocaching in Vacationland!

  There's DH over to the left looking for the geocache
Can't beat geocaching in beautiful places like this, huh?  That lake is Lake George.  We were up in the Lake George area over the weekend (if you read my other blog (Carole's Thoughtful Spot) you know we recently bought some property in the Adirondacks) and we were sure to fit some geocaching in along with our other activities.  This geocache brought us to a little beach down a non-descript little side road.  This is the kind of place you would never even discover if not for a geocache hiding down there.  Which is one of the very best things about geocaching when you're travelling or on vacation - you are taken to wonderful, off the beaten path sort of places you would never have found on your own!
We're going to Chincouteague, VA for our summer vacation and DH has already scoped it out and told me there's a geocache just a few blocks away from where we'll be staying.  As you're planning your own summer vacation this year be sure to plug in the town you're visiting into and see what geocaches are around!
See you in the log books! :-D


Jim Bradley said...

I did some geocaching in Lake George last summer... Such a nice vacation spot.

Matt said...

Looks like quite an adventurous trip. Sounds fun.

Mike said...

Geocaching is a fun activity - I enjoy it very much and it is a great way to find new places to explore. Hope to see more posts from your site - a blog for geocaching!

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