Geo Jamboree 7

I've already talked about a type of geocache called an "Event Cache" (you can read about that here) and one of the events we went to last year called Tri State Treasures.  Well, this weekend we are attending the biggest event geocache we've ever been to yet - Geo Jamboree 7! Geocachers have literally taken over the campground at Kettletown State Park in CT and there are a ton of fun activities planned - everything from a huge picnic, to volunteer boat rides so non-boat owners can retrieve the water geocaches (I don't think we've ever even found a water geocache before! We have a boat spot reserved, though!), to free wi-fi set up for Saturday so you can log your finds, to night caches, contests and a great big campfire (and lots of geocaches to find too, of course)!  Even if you don't have a account, you can see the geocache page here to see what a great "event cache" is like - Geo Jamboree 7.  We are really looking forward to it.
Geocachers in general seem to be really friendly and fun people and it will be great to put faces to the names we see in the geocaching logs all the time.  If you ever have a chance to attend an event geocache, whether big or small, whether you have 10 finds or 1,000, I highly recommend it!!
See you in the log books...! :-)


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