Which of These Geocaches Would You Rather Find?

This one?
Or this one??

Well at least the spider one is really unlikely to get muggled!!  (People who are not geocachers are called "muggles" (taken from the Harry Potter books where they refer to non-wizards as muggles) - so when a geocache is "muggled" it means a non-geocacher found and disturbed, destroyed or stole the geocache.  Actually, I have seen instances where a geocache has been muggled and the muggle actually signed the log book and put everything back.  Usually their log reads something like, "I don't exactly know what this is I found but I'll put it all back where I found it."  Or sometimes I suspect teenagers find them and they just write silly things.  Anyway, "muggle logs" are usually pretty funny but at least they didn't ruin the geocache.)
See you on the trails...


Grace2882 said...

I would want to find the pretty ladybug. The spider makes me creepy.

Kristine said...

I like the spider, myself. :) My husband and I stole your eyeball idea and hide the spider on each other...this has been going on for about 10 years. LOL

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