Some Clever Geocaches and a Milestone

Not the most high-tech geocache here, but Mr. Frog was still a clever and fun find.  (That's a 35mm film canister used for the cache - those film canisters generally make pretty good geocache containers, but these days with less and less people using film cameras, these are becoming rarer and rarer.)    
I had to look closely at this container to see what it really was - turns out it is a tin that held "Wii Chewing Gum" of all things.  Did not know they sold Wii Chewing Gum.  That was a fun and unexpected container!  Not terribly watertight though, however we wiped it out the best we could with a napkin and the logbook was in a ziplock bag anyway, so it was fine.  I should have taken a pic of the inside, but glued to the inside of the tin were four small magnets that enabled this container to cling to it's hiding spot.
Here in upstate NY it was a rather warmish day for March on Saturday (around 60 degrees) and so we were thrilled to get out and do some geocaching.  We did a lot of cache-n-dashes mostly because it was pretty muddy.  The good thing about that was it helped our "yearly total".  You see, DH has it in his mind he wants to try to find at least 365 caches this year - which obviously equals one per day.  So he's been keeping track all along this year of our total and if we're keeping up or not.  With Saturday's finds (15 I think?), that put us a little ahead of where we need to be for the year so far.  It also put us over another milestone - we now have found over 700 geocaches.  In fact DH insisted that I change my little blurb in the sidebar from "over 500" to "over 700".
Geocachers have a "famous" saying - "It's not about the numbers".  But we all know that sometimes it kinda IS about the numbers! :-D
See ya on the trails!


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I really like the frog!

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That frog is a neat one.

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