All the Swag You'd Ever Need

(By the way, "swag" is what geocachers call the "goodies" in a geocache.  Sometimes you need to buy "swag" so that you'll have something to trade when you find a geocache.  You probably carry your own "swag" with you in a backpack - your travel bugs, geocoins, trade items, etc.)
I went to to browse the merchandise in their store (they carry official stuff including travel bug tags) and was surprised to discover they now had a link to their "distributors" - so I clicked on it and wow, they have a nice long list of places to buy "swag" as well as t-shirts, geocache containers, etc.  Rather than searching all over the internet when you need something geocaching related, it sure is nice to have a list of (presumably) reputable companies.  The list is here.  They have a lot of international online stores too.
I was browsing around and found some cool stuff.  Check this out from the - it's what they call the "Expert Stocked Backpack":

Not only does it come with all that cool stuff, but you get your "team name" embroidered on the backpack!  What a great thing for a newbie, or as a gift idea!
And how evil is this, from, their Pine Cone Cache:
So while we wait for the weather to warm up, we can still shop and plot our next hide....mwa ha ha ha!
Cache ya later!


Erika Jean said...

I loveee that shirt! its a good price too!

Lisa said...

You found some great swag to show! I haven't cached in NY yet, hopefully some day soon.

We are a Groundspeak distributor as well, along with carrying much more, and we're reputable. We also ship internationally (we are US based).

If you ever have any difficulty with a distributor please don't hesitate to let Groundspeak know -I'm sure they'd want to know.

Thanks and happy caching!

The Empty Envelope said...

Wow, that is crazy...

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