Virtual Geocaching - or - How to Combine Twitter and Geocaching

My tweets from earlier today:
DH is on his way to walk across a frozen pond to get a geocache that you would normally need a boat to retrieve.
DH is on the phone with me now as he's walking on a frozen pond hunting a geocache. He's 300 ft away from it right now
DH turning back, ice doesn't seem safe there, trying a different route.
DH is 50 ft away from the geocache but needs to get on the frozen lake again
14ft away, DH says ice here seems solid
He found the cache!!
DH back on land. Lives to geocache another day!
(Incidentally, I asked DH to call me when he was going to do that geocache because I thought it was unsafe to walk across the ice alone - at least if he was on the phone with me and he fell through, I could call 911.  I happened to be on the computer when he called, so I just decided to "tweet" the adventure.)
If you'd like to be around in the event I ever have reason to tweet other exciting geocaching adventures, click on the Twitter "Follow Me" in the right sidebar and come along for some virtual geocaching! :-D


Kevin said...

Very Cool idea!

Jude said...

Dang Carole that was exciting to say the least and no way would I let Bill out of my sight or probably wouldn't let him do it even if he was in sight because I wouldn't know how to rescue him and no way do I want to live with out him just because he wants to take a risk. So I guess Winter Geocashing would not be for us.

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