You Say You Don't Want to Walk 5 Miles in the Woods to Find a Geocache? No Problem!

Here's a great example of what would be referred to as a "Cache-N-Dash".  A cache-n-dash is a geocache, as the name implies, that can be found very quickly with very little hiking or walking. Some people "pooh pooh" these sort of geocaches, but we enjoy them - they're quick and easy and fun - and a GREAT way to break up a long trip.  They're also good when the weather is rainy, too hot or too cold for a hike.

Cache-n-dashes are not the only type of geocache that you can find somewhat quickly.  There is another term - "lunchtime cache" which basically means it's a quick enough find that you could possibly find it on your lunch break.  A "lunchtime" geocache would generally be a geocache that you could find and be back to your car within 30 minutes or so.  There is also a "clock" attribute icon used at geocache pages that indicates the geocache can be found in an hour or less.  (There are no icons for "lunchtime cache" or "cache-n-dash" but you often might see that term in the geocache description or in the comments.)

Anyway, here's our Adirondack Cache-N-Dash!

We drove right up to it! Do you know where it is?

Easy peasy lemon squeezy!
We happened to be in the Adirondacks yesterday (checking out our Adirondack property - more on that if you're interested here) and we didn't have the time for anything more than a couple of cache-n-dashes.  However we did take a minute to enjoy the view from this geocache location of some ice fishermen on Lake George.
We were happy to be getting back in the nice, warm truck though!  It was verrrrry cccccold up there yesterday!
Cache on!


Kristine said...

Hi Carole! I am giving you the Sisterhood Award, because you are such a wonderful friend, on and off the blog. :)
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Love you!!!

Tommmmm said...

Thank you for your very informative blog. I just went thru ALL your posts. There is a lot of good information in there. Not to mention, good ideas for future caches.

TFTB (thanks for the blog)

Illinios cacher

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