Do You Geocache Vicariously Through Others?


Do you always say to yourself, "I've got to try geocaching one of these days...."?  Are you unsure of how to get started?  Well, you have got to listen to this podcast (a podcast is like an audiobook/talk radio - it's a talk show you can listen to right on your computer or your iPod/mp3 player)!  This is a podcast by Cliff Ravenscraft of - he is a producer of many fine podcasts that I really enjoy listening to on everything from popular TV shows like Lost & Desperate Housewives to topics like technology and daily bible devotions.  Anyway, my favorite podcast is called "My Crazy Life" and that one is basically an audio diary.  Well the other day, much to my surprise, he and his family decided to go geocaching for the first time - and he took his microphone along and you get to go along with him, his wife and kids on their very first time geocaching!  It's a load of fun to listen to (I'll give you a hint - they didn't find the first one!), and it shows you how quickly he was able to find and understand the basic instructions, and how easy it was to give it a try!
Whether you are already a geocacher, or have always WANTED to be a geocacher, give it a listen, it's a hoot!  (You can listen to it right on your computer or you can download it to your portable media player if you wish.)

See ya on the trails!


Just John said...

Neat. Head Hard Hat has some good video tutorials too.

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

I'm sure I'll be hooked as soon as I can afford my own GPS! Of course I got to borrow a good one for my last hike and am spoiled.

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