Post-Apple-Picking Geocaching

We traveled upstate a bit last weekend to do some apple picking.  (You can read about that at my other blog if you're interested in that sort of thing: Carole's Thoughtful Spot.)  After we finished up at the orchard we did a little geocaching.  DH printed off some "cache and dash" geocaches (quick to find geocaches) from the website and so off we went.

Side note:  If you happen to drive a newer Honda Accord, and you just so happen to own the same GPS we do (Garmpin GPSMAP 60CSx), DH cleverly discovered that you can kinda jam it between the dashboard and windshield, and it will stay there pretty well, as long as you don't go over any big bumps. 

(Sometime I'll try to take a picture of the GPS holder I rigged for my truck - it uses the bottom of a McDonald's cup - it's really high tech.)
Anyway, one of the geocaches was a typical guardrail hide on a pretty country road.  Another was a multi-cache.  A "multi" is a type of hide that requires you to find one or more "stages" that give you coordinates or clues to where the "final" geocache is hidden.  We ended up having a DNF (did not find) on it because we couldn't find one of the stages, but I wanted to show you a very clever cache used at one of the stages we DID find that contained the coordinates to the next stage (which I have blurred out).  Check it out - it's a small spice container with the coordinates written on the inside of the lid!
It's always disappointing to have a DNF, but it was a beautiful day and we were out doing something we enjoyed, so I can't complain.  :-)  
I can only imagine what the other clever cache container(s) were that we couldn't find! 


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