Oh no! Bunch of Caches Archived!

Today a whole slew of caches were archived, including one of our most favorite caches.  There was no note explaining why (which is not the norm), however we believe they were archived because they are along the Appalachian Trail, which is NPS (National Park Service) land, and geocaches are not allowed on NPS land.  Which is a bummer!

View from one of our favorite caches, now archived, called Bloop!


Elizabeth said...

What a beautiful photo!

WaG! said...

Got onto your blog via my girlfriend's eCard. Nice blog, I must say! And about archiving caches: Here in The Netherlands we have such strict rules and regulations, you can't even place a cache if you can't provide an approval by the landowner that you're allowed to do so.

That rule was made after rangers found caches near foxholes and such, thus scaring the mothers away from their cubs. It is pretty strict, but in a way understandable. Another rule is no digging allowed and only a few feet away from a path certain areas. It does make sure the caches are not ripped by rangers any more :)

Hope you guys in the States can also come up with solutions like that? I must admit it makes the hiding a lot more difficult, but the joy finding will always be the same ;)

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