Trickiest Geocache in Chincoteague, VA

Sorry it's been so long since I've posted! If you read my other blog (Carole's Thoughtful Spot) you may have seen my post about how I've been really busy and have struggled to post this summer...  But have no fear - we've still been geocaching as much as ever!  We recently went on vacation to Chincoteague, Virginia and here was the trickiest geocache of all the ones we found:


That round container with the fake "plug" on it was removable and the geocache was inside.  Now personally, I don't like geocaches that are near electric boxes and stuff because I don't like pawing around near electricity and utilities, but, I have to admit, this was very clever!
See you in the logbooks...


Craig Oakford said...

I really don't like "electrical" geocaches. This one in particular. It's too realistic. I would hate for someone to see something similar, think it is a cache, and then grab a live wire.

Colorado Adventurer said...

I found a very similar one, I was starting to suspect that was the cache I was seeking, but I was very hesitant to actually touch it.

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