Why Sometimes it's Good to Geocache in the Off Season

Here's what this beach looked like when we found a geocache here in early May:

Here's what it looked like in early July!

Geocaching in touristy areas in the off season makes things a lot easier as there aren't so many muggles around!  Another good tip is that some parks (esp state parks) only charge admission during the summer months, so planning to geocache there in the spring or the fall can save you a few bucks.  
This is also another great example of one of the best things about geocaching - it brings you to places you would probably never find on your own.  We were brought to this little, out of the way beach on Lake George to find a geocache back in May - then when we were in that area just recently and were looking for a place to eat our picnic lunch, we knew of this great little spot!
See you in the log books...