Another Clever Geocache Container and "Boardwalk" Trails

Yes, that's actually a geocache!  I love clever geocaches and clever hides.  Even the "trail" was really fun - as you can see, DD is standing on decking.  That's because this part of the "trail" was like a raised boardwalk with railings and everything, and went through a marshland area.  It was really beautiful to walk amongst the tall reeds, and hear the wind rustling the grasses - there were all kinds of bird and frog sounds as well.  Not that these "boardwalks" are common on hikes, but we've come across this type of thing quite a few times before.  In fact, DH was just on a different hike that had a "boardwalk" (though this one is very low to the ground) and he took a really nice picture.  Here, I'll show you:
So anyway, DD thought that "bug" geocache was really cool and asked if she could re-hide it and DH and I said "sure".  So she's fiddling with it and then all of a sudden she says, "Uh oh, I dropped it!"  Yup, it fell down over the side of the decking onto the wetland below.  Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice.  So I volunteered to climb over the railing and down the outside of the decking and lucky, lucky, lucky for me the ground was not super saturated and I was able to step on a log and sort of hang off the railing and retireve the geocache.  That's actually the first time I can remember dropping a geocache.  We've found some geocaches that are stuck to the underside of a bridge railing and if you're not careful it can easily go "kerplunk"!  I've heard of a few geocaches getting lost that way!
So today's lesson is: try not to drop the geocache!  :-)


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You picked that thing up? ; )

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